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ThaiKanya was established with the purpose of distributing knowledge about Thai traditional medicine and other Thai herbs, including cannabis. Our goal is to develop products made from cannabis leaves and medicinal plants so that people can understand and benefit from them. We want to create value for our customers with natural herb products under the slogan "Live life naturally". Our products are perfect for those who want to avoid chemicals and lead a healthier and happier life. Choose ThaiKanya for a more natural and fulfilling lifestyle.

Dr.Cannabis by ThaiKanya specializes in promoting well-being and healthy living through the use of traditional natural medicine, including cannabis, herbal flowers, mushrooms, and other natural ingredients that constitute the base of traditional Thai Medicine today. For centuries, the Thai Royal Family has used natural remedies and Thai traditional herbs in its Royal pharmacy. Since Rama IV, the Na Nongkhai family has been a prominent voice in natural healing and plant power amongst the Royals.

Today, the Na Nongkhai family produces century-old formulas in the form of medical cannabis oils, wellness treatments, and other cannabis products. We only use the best of what Thailand has to offer in terms of pure extraction, no chemicals, and medical grade quality sanctioned by the FDA.

ThaiKanya is proud to have the Anantara group and Avani spas as our ambassadors, helping to promote wellness through tradition by using and distributing our products in their spas around the world.

Please get in touch with our professional staff to receive updates on our latest offers and products:

Visit our shops now open

  1. Thaikanya Medical Cannabis Clinic & HQ offices (ไทยกัญญา กัญชาเพื่อการบำบัด ด้วยสมุนไพร)- Soi 102,

  2. Thaikanya Medical Cannabis Clinic & Dispensary @Villa Market Huahin

  3.  Dr.Cannabis Medical Grade & Cannabis Massage & spa Treatment by Thaikanya

  4. Blueport hua hin resort mall


You will discover the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

ThaiKanya medical cannabis has been open since 2018 and offers the first legal and FDA-approved products with Doctor Cannabis Specialist consultation with in Medical certification for your personal traveling documetns support, We are no 1st In Thailand. 

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