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The "military doctor" opened a free treatment clinic, where AIDS patients recovered

"Military doctors" use cannabis to treat AIDS patients for free. After 25 years of using cannabis, they are immune, unable to detect infection, healthy and married. Having children, living a normal life, drug addiction, calm, working, no social burden, liver cancer patients, better quality of life. Prepare to expand the results of sample collection to the empirical basis for further use of medical cannabis.

Maj. Gen. Dr. Kraisorn said that in order to create empirical evidence on the use of medical marijuana, the history of patients who consulted for medical marijuana was collected, including chronic insomnia. Anxiety/psychiatric syndromes chronic pain syndrome respiratory disease cancer/tumor urinary tract diseases and HIV (AIDS) infection. In the process of treatment, patients are advised to use cannabis but do not abandon current treatment. It was found that none of them worsened. or side effects after taking the drug From preliminary data, it shows that Medicinal marijuana use can improve the quality of life for patients. and is a safe alternative in the aforementioned diseasesDr. Kraisorn said that in the group of insomnia. when using medical marijuana can sleep better While amphetamine patients Been using drugs continuously for almost 10 years. I can't work. I don't know what to say. The family took him to treatment. Received a nerve tonic to take orally until 1 year ago, received treatment for drug withdrawal by using marijuana drops under the tongue. After quitting the drug, there is no reddening, good health, eating well, next month I will start working after not working for a long time. while another amphetamine-addicted patient recently admitted I still haven't seen a clear treatment effect. But initially it can help reduce the craving for drugs when using marijuana. and able to quit smoking and alcohol immediately

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