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Cannabis Bath Salt is a bath salt mixed with various herbs. and many benefits

Sea salt  Disinfect, Reduce acne, Help remove dirt, It helps kill bacteria as well. Helps reduce scars from rashes
Bergamot essential oil helps relieve stress. relieve anxiety calm the mind by inhaling the kaffir lime skin Eliminate the problem of smelly feet musty smell Detoxifies toxins through sweat and pores. Lemongrass with a lot of antioxidants that are rich in lemongrass. Therefore, it can nourish the skin to be beautiful and radiant as well. It also helps to make the skin look younger and prevent acne effectively as well.

Tamarind leaves treat rashes on the body and skin. Helps the skin with dark circles to turn white and bright.

Turmeric helps to treat pimples, clogged acne and pimples. Help tighten pores to be smaller. The skin is soft, white, bright, and look smoother,

Cannabis leaves. Treat psoriasis and skin cancer as cannabis has properties that inhibit skin cell regeneration. which various ingredients Has the ability to help absorb toxins from the skin to help restore. and relieve muscle aches

Cannabis Bath Salt

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